SWATing Counter-accusations

Unreal. Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser is accusing a Republican consulting firm with the “SWATing” of four conservative bloggers.

Stacy McCain has been reporting on this from the start and has the new exclusive, to include some background.

Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 of a weeklong bombing spree that terrorized an Indiana town and sentenced to 50 years in prison. After his release from federal prison in 2001, Kimberlin helped co-found two tax-exempt progressive non-profit groups, the Justice Through Music Project and the Velvet Revolution. Kimberlin has pursued legal charges against bloggers who wrote about his criminal past, accusing them of “harassment.” Rauhauser has worked as a political consultant for a number of Democratic candidates. Rauhauser has described Kimberlin as his “client” and has accompanied Kimberlin to numerous courtroom hearings.

Prominent conservative bloggers that report on Brett Kimberlin have SWAT teams sent to their homes, but it couldn’t possibly be Kimberlin or his associates making the fake 911 calls…